The Thrill of Turkey Hunting in Alabama

Alabama, a state renowned for its rich hunting heritage, offers a unique opportunity for turkey hunting. With the turkey hunting season in Alabama kicking off in March, hunters eagerly await the chance to head into the wild and pursue the elusive Eastern wild turkey.

The Allure of the Hunt

Turkey hunting in Alabama is a dream for many hunters. The state’s vast acres of managed habitat provide the perfect setting for wild turkeys to strut freely. The sight of a massive gobbler in full strut is a spectacle that can entice even the most seasoned hunter.

Guided Turkey Hunts in Alabama

For those new to the sport or those who wish to enhance their hunting experience, Alabama offers guided turkey hunts. One such place offering this service is Hawkins Ridge Lodge. These hunts are led by experienced guides who ensure a safe and effective hunting experience. They allow hunters to enjoy the freedom of the hunt without the stress of planning and preparation.

The Turkey Hunting Season in Alabama

The turkey hunting season in Alabama typically begins in March and extends through April. During this time, gobblers are in full strut, drumming and gobbling to attract hens. This period is considered the best time for turkey hunting in Alabama.

Rules and Regulations

Before heading out for the hunt, it’s crucial to be aware of the rules and regulations. Bag limits for turkey remain at four gobblers with only one permitted per day and no more than two from any Wildlife Management Area or National Forest Ranger District. Decoys are prohibited during the first 10 days of the season. Hunters must record each bird harvest within 48 hours to ADCNR through various means including the Outdoor Alabama mobile app, website, or by phone.

The Big Beard Bounty Competition

For those looking for an added thrill, the Big Beard Bounty offers a chance to showcase your hunting prowess. This competition encourages hunters to share their experiences and the bounty they’ve managed to capture during the hunting season.


Turkey hunting in Alabama is an exciting opportunity that brings hunters closer to nature. Whether you’re a seasoned hunter or a beginner, the thrill of the hunt and the chance to bag a trophy gobbler is an experience you’ll never forget.