Public Land Turkey Hunting Hotspots in Southeast Alabama: A Comprehensive Guide

Hello, fellow turkey hunters! Are you looking for your next big hunting adventure in Southeast Alabama? You’re in the right place. Our region is rich with public lands that are hotspots for turkey hunting. Let’s explore some of these places together.

Barbour Wildlife Management Area

Our first stop is the Barbour Wildlife Management Area. Covering over 28,000 acres, this area offers diverse habitats, from hardwood bottoms to pine forests, making it a turkey hunter’s paradise. Before heading out, always remember to check the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources for the latest hunting regulations and seasons.

Blue Springs Wildlife Management Area

Next, we have the Blue Springs WMA. It might be lesser-known, but it offers a variety of terrains across its 8,000 acres. A solid understanding of turkey calling techniques will come in handy here.

Covington Wildlife Management Area

The Covington Wildlife Management Area is another promising hotspot. Its diverse habitats across 24,000 acres host a healthy population of turkeys. Our guide on understanding the local habitat can give you a competitive edge here.

Geneva State Forest

Lastly, there’s the Geneva State Forest, the largest state forest in Alabama. Its mixed pine and hardwood stands spread across nearly 7,200 acres make it a popular spot for turkey hunting.

Remember, public lands offer fantastic hunting opportunities, but they come with their own set of challenges. To navigate these, consider joining the Houston County Spurs Chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation for local events, seminars, and workshops. Connecting with fellow hunters from the Dothan area can provide valuable insights and tips specific to the local turkey population1.

Many turkey hunters like myself are also dedicated deer hunters. Consider checking out our friends at Big Buck Bounty. They offer extensive resources for deer hunters across the Southeast. Their knowledge of hunting in the southeast region is unparalleled, and they’re a fantastic source of information for hunters of all experience levels.

Each hunting hotspot is unique and requires different strategies and techniques. The thrill of the hunt is in understanding the land and the turkey, and adapting your approach accordingly. Happy hunting!